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Sasha RS

Sasha is an Idealist, Innovator -who is known to have ideals of perfection and excellence in all of her projects. Whether through presentation or dealing with a client. To her credit, she has become an individual with a network of various stake-holders that enhance her knowledge on products/services and people.

She is a determined and persevering young women. Her dynamic ability to inspire ideas, her passionate nature and relentless ambition makes her a valuable team player and leader in many of her circles. She is also kind hearted and helpful, with a strong sense of identifying needs and lacks on initiative in addressing them immediately.

Having collaborated with a wide range of professions from all walks of life, she managed to create a reputation of high accord and remained relevant in the field of media/events and PR. Sasha has shared her knowledge and expertise with the finest faces in the industry such as the SUNGODDESS Fashion-house designer duo to being behind the scenes to VUZUtv sets. Her passion for the industry grew and took her to new heights.

From owning the spotlight with many creative and entrepreneurial professionals, to having co-founded a non-profit educational organization, and being recognized as the talent behind the new sensation – BlogChatSA .  She truly is a force to be reckoned with. Her work ethic and passion for her career is valued and appreciated beyond measure by all who , have come to know her.

Sasha’s capability of coordinating and managing projects effectively, ensures that any task she is responsible for is always accomplished, and coupled with her dynamic character and passive assertiveness. As a product of this generation and her environment – she is nothing less than a trail-blazer and what would be defined as a phenomenal-woman-in-the-making. A multi-talented individual who prides herself in not just being a lady who is intelligent, but strives for integrity in all aspects of her life_ both personally and professionally.



On the Couch with _ The Jax Blog

Monday 29th August we sat down with Jacqui Cooks who introduced us to her lifestyle and entrepreneural ventures in social media , twitter and travels. We lounged at the Maslow Hotel in Sandton and gazed in the comfort of the casual visitors who soaked up the spring sun being surrounded by meditative chirpings.

Shes a passionate travel and foodie blogger who has laid her imprints on may parts of the world. She started travel blogging 2 years ago and has gained experience in the hospitality industry which has cultivated the nature and growth of The Jax Blog, that soon gave her a break into the travel & tourism world. She managed to collaborate with many companies who appreciated her expertise and taste for hospitality.

#Jaxspirational is a trending topic on twitter that echoes positivity and this platform is shared with her fellow twitter- friends to spread motivational and positive quotes.

Since being online she has created a phenomenal brand for herself and has become well known within the world of twitter. ”There are many lessons that come with being on social media” she says, people pay attention to what you say, how you say it… and what you put out there, you create a lasting impression base don the material that you put out there. The online sphere has increased her business skills in a major way as she has a sales background … ” word of mouth ” is the best kind of advertising that you could get.

Be smart about the way you market your brand, find a medium of social media that works for you … She expressed how important having a website is for your business, as all social media should link to a direct place where people can find their need / service in your business.

Jacqui shared some tips on fellow bloggers wanting to grow their business/ blogs online .

”Find what you are passionate about _ and go with it”

If you are keen on having a chat with Jacqui or sharing tips and info for growing your business on twitter , follow her on @thejaxblog on Twitter and facebook

Or send an email to jax@thejaxblog.com

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Behind-the-scenes with HSE of BESPOKE by WH

_MG_9833On the 6th August we launched our first official interview at the emporium of HSE of BESPOKE by WH.. where we had the priviledge of sitting alongside Waseefa Hutton who is the face and founder of the Emporium.

As with any new project …there’s always the giggles, jitters and fears of executing perfectly . Overcome with the eccentric surroundings and fashionable delights all around us… we were automatically at ease and heeded conversation on all the designs and fashionable styles that were enclosed in the colorful corners of the emporium .

The interview started out beautifully… free -flowing ..with laughs and a sudden touch of chemistry between Waseefa and myself…

She was gracious and beautiful in her approach… a pure soul and quite amazing to sit next to. she exudes a vibrant yet subtle aura and enjoyed every inch of the journey throughout the interview. She gave us insight into her life as a fashionista.. make-up artist and where her journey has led her to … since the birth of her new brand – hse of bespoke by WH.

I was hanging off her every word.. she’s passionate.. and filled with creative desire in every sense. Waseefa gracefully gave us a tour around the emporium, showing off the fine line of collections that fill the walls of this fine emporium…

#BCSA would like to thank HSE of BESPOKE by WH for allowing us into her space and sharing her world of fashion… head-wraps and more..

For viewing of the full interview… Find us on http://www.vimeo.com/blogchatsa

This is the place where bloggers meet… collaborate and share experiences.

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We’ve been under wraps for a while now. But cheer up as we bring you the first exclusive online interview showing this Saturday 6th August at 12pm.  We are proud to present the Owner and Founder of BESPOKE Lifestyle and Clothing Emporium WASEEFA HUTTON !! Join us as we bring you insight into her life … her career as a Fashion mogul and  make-up artist .

She’s a passionate entrepreneur with many talents and in light and celebration of woman’s month we are excited  to introduce a woman who inspires, designs and we here at #BCSA would like to honour the beauty and excellence of Waseefa Hutton’s success.

Join us on Facebook live as we bring you an exclusive interview with Waseefa as we showcase her Emporium and more…..


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