Meet the Host

Sasha is an Idealist, Creative and passionate individual -who is known to have ideals of perfection and excellence in all of her projects. Whether through presentation or dealing with a client. To her credit, she has become an individual with a network of various stake-holders that enhance her knowledge on products/services and people.

She is a determined and persevering young women. Her dynamic ability to inspire ideas, her passionate nature and relentless ambition makes her a valuable team player and leader in many of her circles. She is also kind-hearted and helpful, with a strong sense of identifying needs and takes on initiative in addressing them immediately.

Having collaborated with a wide range of professionals from all walks of life, she managed to create a reputation of high accord and remained relevant in the field of media/events and production. Sasha has shared her knowledge and expertise with the finest faces in the industry. Her passion for the industry grew and took her to new heights. She serves as a director of Forgotten Faces Pictures which is a production company specializing in TV and Film Production.

From owning the spotlight with many creative and entrepreneurial professionals, to having co-founded a non-profit educational organization, and being recognized as the talent behind the new brand – BlogChatSA, Sasha’s work ethic and passion for her career is valued and appreciated beyond measure by all who, have come to know her.

Sasha’s capability of coordinating and managing projects effectively, ensures that any task she is responsible for is always accomplished, and coupled with her dynamic character and passive assertiveness. As a product of this generation and her environment – she is nothing less than a trail-blazer and what would be defined as a phenomenal-woman-in-the-making. A multi-talented individual who prides herself in not just being a lady who is intelligent, but strives for integrity in all aspects of her life_ both personally and professionally.

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