I had so much fun shooting our 2nd episode for the year with Aisha De Beer whom we were particularly very excited about hosting on the show.

Meeting Aisha was an absolute honor and priviledge, she made interviewing her so easy and pleasurable. Having started off as a model and moving on to being a fashion designer, the transition phase for her was a way to express how she feels about fashion and forms a huge part of who she is. Aisha has a passion for fashion and is

She also shared with us- her philanthropy work in mentoring young ladies around Zimbabwe in the fashion industry.. in line with having started her very own clothing line.. she was eager to share her love for the industry , mentioning that ”woman need guidance”… having hosted events and shared the spotlight with many others, Aisha is surely growing into a well known brand and a force to be reckoned with. She has a passion for teaching others and moving onto greater things and aims on moving away from the norms of fashion.

Having moved to SA well over 10 years ago, she kept an open mind to being involved in the fashion industry, followed and learned from many people who are well known and using her passion and what she has learnt to move her on to the next level. Kim J. and Bonang are the cause of inspiration for Aisha and moves in the direction of her success.

I would like to thank Aisha for her time and beautiful presence on the show.

For those of you would like to find out more about her work – check out the website OR


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