BCSA Hosts Heather Mason (2summers)

This past weekend we had the privilege of hosting 2summers bloggers, Heather Mason on the show, to talk to us about her journey and experience as a travel blogger in and around South Africa. Having shared her love and passion for Johannesburg we took it upon ourselves to get her on to the show and share what it is about this amazing city that captivated the heart of this foreign soul.

For those of who may not know , Heather is an American living in South Africa for the past 6 and a half years. She travels , visits various destinations and shares her travel experiences with the rest of South Africa who has quickly taken a liking to her expressions of love for the city.

She goes on to share how much America and South Africa have in common, it has become like her second home, and commends how the culture of both countries are very much parallel.

Living here she has come to love the people and the sense of open-nes that they have , she expressed how mysterious and exciting the city is. Heather moved here to pursue love and fortunately .. the road led her on a bigger path since then…  Being so passionate about S.A. (Johannesburg) preferentially, says that she belongs here, and could not imagine living anywhere else.

Her most memorable moments goes back to when she started her blog 7 years ago , and shares specifically that writing about Johannesburg as a tourist destination was not a big deal back in the day (sharing through the eyes of a foreigner) ,she took liberty of experiencing activities such as , jumping off the Orlando Towers or eating traditional food etc .. and grew her blog with Joburg-ers as her audience.

Heather also shared some info about her consulting business for blogging. She assists in teaching people on ” how to start a blog… ” and what you can do to make it successful.

Catch Heather Mason on Twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook and Google+ as she gives us insight and brings the adventure back into our lives. (@2summers) or visit her website 2summers.net for more information.  heather-coffeeshop-1724



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