BlogChatSA Gives thanks to 2016 and its fans #BCSA

Sig, What A Year~ 2016 has brought its fair share of ups and down, but id like to take this opportunity to reflect on the birth of BCSA and how grateful I am for where it is and where the brand is going. This past year we have showcased amazing designs by Hse of Bespoke by WH Waseefa Hutton -who is such an amazing and talented designer . We had the priviledge of being surrounded by her crafts and designs at the Emporium. I couldnt thank you enough for allowing my crew and I to start BCSA off with a bang.

We also had the best time with Jacqui Cooks cooks ~ who introduced us to her world and shared her wealth of knowledge about Twitter… Social media and inspiring the world around #JaxSpirational

As you all know ~ we are apart of an amazing initiative founded by Princess Nolitha Mqunyana called SA Fashion Festival – Eastern Cape ~ created to inspire and motivate young people to live their dreams and pursue their passions. Id like to thank her for the opportunity. Our support to you will always be on-going .

I would like to thank all my supporters , bloggers and everyone who keeps the brand and spirit of BCSA alive, I am so proud of the brand ~ and most importantly touching the lives of others.

Id like to extend a special thanks to Samantha Steele for believing in me and seeing potential and beauty in BCSA when no one else did. I will forever be grateful to you . You are special to me

I wish that with the dawn of 2017, BCSA will be known as a great, fun and interactive platform admired and viewed by all.

Here’s to new beginnings.. new relationships.. fun and reaching for the stars.

From all of us here at BCSA~ we thank you for a great 2016 and looking forward to sharing an amazing 2017 with you.


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