#SAFF _ Where Business and Fashion Converge : Eastern Cape

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with the amazing Nolitha Mqunyana, who is the CEO and founder of SA FASHION FESTIVAL on Friday, 28 Oct 2016. She is a passionate business woman, who is about to make her mark in the fashion industry.

SOUTH AFRICA ,brace yourself- as this is a one of a kind event that will be showcasing sectors in the fashion industry from style, beauty and more. #SAFF will showcase and exhibit designers from the University of Walter Sisulu , in giving anyone a platform to exhibit their craft and business ideas on the day of the event.

Whether you are in the motoring business, a designer, model,artist etc… you are welcome to register on the website http://safashionfestival.co.za/saff_004.htm and be part of this great event in growing talent and expanding business in the Eastern Cape.

The purpose of the event is to bring upscale and trends from the heart of Johannesburg and infiltrate the Eastern Cape with the BEST of up market trendz. In hope’s of creating economic growth- targeting the universities as the target market, we hope to make our main focus in the youth to make this event more meaningful.

We have hopes to move through the rest of South Africa, after a successful launch in the Eastern Cape. The aim is to allow everyone to celebrate their culture and enjoy in the festivity of the event, and

Our main sponsor for the event is the Department of Arts and culture… who will be assisting them in many areas of the event. Exhibitors are welcome to come and showcase their products at the event, you will have room and the opportunity to grow and expose your business / brand

Blogging for this event is a big deal, in terms of growth and exposure – we also hope to transfer the skill and teach kids in that area about the business.


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