Sunday Times 13th Generation Next Awards_ #GenNext2017 Sandton Convention Centre.

The Sunday Times Media Group , along with South Africa’s famous brands and partners gathered to celebrate what the youth of #GenNext2017 deemed to be cool. The awards evening was packed with children of all ages accompanied by their parents and local celebs.

The awards evening was hosted by radio host and entertainer Darren (WHACKHEAD) Simpson. Opening for CEO of SUNDAY TIMES, MEDIA GROUP -CEO Reardon Anderson – who welcomed the guests thanked and commended partners and audience who made the event possible.

Awards were handed to best local brands , such as : AVON/ METRO FM / NIKE SA/ NIVEA/ CLICKS … Just to mention a few . But the highlight of the night was Trevor Noah winning award for best local male celebrity, alongside AKA as the best local music star, when miss Bonang Mathemba accepted the award on his behalf… THE CROWD WENT WILD!!!!

The night ended on a high with a live performance from the COOLEST LOCAL FEMALE CELEBRITY – WINNER – CONGRATULATIONS TO BABES WODUMO.

Brands & Partners that made this years event possible:

Proudly South Africa: Inspiring New Ways                   Adidas

Kotex Sanitary Pads                                                             Bounce

Contiki Holidays                                                                   Maybelline

HDI Youth Marketers                                                          AVON

Nedbank                                                                                KidZania

Shell                                                                                       CliffCentral



I had so much fun shooting our 2nd episode for the year with Aisha De Beer whom we were particularly very excited about hosting on the show.

Meeting Aisha was an absolute honor and priviledge, she made interviewing her so easy and pleasurable. Having started off as a model and moving on to being a fashion designer, the transition phase for her was a way to express how she feels about fashion and forms a huge part of who she is. Aisha has a passion for fashion and is

She also shared with us- her philanthropy work in mentoring young ladies around Zimbabwe in the fashion industry.. in line with having started her very own clothing line.. she was eager to share her love for the industry , mentioning that ”woman need guidance”… having hosted events and shared the spotlight with many others, Aisha is surely growing into a well known brand and a force to be reckoned with. She has a passion for teaching others and moving onto greater things and aims on moving away from the norms of fashion.

Having moved to SA well over 10 years ago, she kept an open mind to being involved in the fashion industry, followed and learned from many people who are well known and using her passion and what she has learnt to move her on to the next level. Kim J. and Bonang are the cause of inspiration for Aisha and moves in the direction of her success.

I would like to thank Aisha for her time and beautiful presence on the show.

For those of you would like to find out more about her work – check out the website OR


Lets BlogChat x


BCSA Hosts Heather Mason (2summers)

This past weekend we had the privilege of hosting 2summers bloggers, Heather Mason on the show, to talk to us about her journey and experience as a travel blogger in and around South Africa. Having shared her love and passion for Johannesburg we took it upon ourselves to get her on to the show and share what it is about this amazing city that captivated the heart of this foreign soul.

For those of who may not know , Heather is an American living in South Africa for the past 6 and a half years. She travels , visits various destinations and shares her travel experiences with the rest of South Africa who has quickly taken a liking to her expressions of love for the city.

She goes on to share how much America and South Africa have in common, it has become like her second home, and commends how the culture of both countries are very much parallel.

Living here she has come to love the people and the sense of open-nes that they have , she expressed how mysterious and exciting the city is. Heather moved here to pursue love and fortunately .. the road led her on a bigger path since then…  Being so passionate about S.A. (Johannesburg) preferentially, says that she belongs here, and could not imagine living anywhere else.

Her most memorable moments goes back to when she started her blog 7 years ago , and shares specifically that writing about Johannesburg as a tourist destination was not a big deal back in the day (sharing through the eyes of a foreigner) ,she took liberty of experiencing activities such as , jumping off the Orlando Towers or eating traditional food etc .. and grew her blog with Joburg-ers as her audience.

Heather also shared some info about her consulting business for blogging. She assists in teaching people on ” how to start a blog… ” and what you can do to make it successful.

Catch Heather Mason on Twitter/ Instagram/ Facebook and Google+ as she gives us insight and brings the adventure back into our lives. (@2summers) or visit her website for more information.  heather-coffeeshop-1724


BlogChatSA Gives thanks to 2016 and its fans #BCSA

Sig, What A Year~ 2016 has brought its fair share of ups and down, but id like to take this opportunity to reflect on the birth of BCSA and how grateful I am for where it is and where the brand is going. This past year we have showcased amazing designs by Hse of Bespoke by WH Waseefa Hutton -who is such an amazing and talented designer . We had the priviledge of being surrounded by her crafts and designs at the Emporium. I couldnt thank you enough for allowing my crew and I to start BCSA off with a bang.

We also had the best time with Jacqui Cooks cooks ~ who introduced us to her world and shared her wealth of knowledge about Twitter… Social media and inspiring the world around #JaxSpirational

As you all know ~ we are apart of an amazing initiative founded by Princess Nolitha Mqunyana called SA Fashion Festival – Eastern Cape ~ created to inspire and motivate young people to live their dreams and pursue their passions. Id like to thank her for the opportunity. Our support to you will always be on-going .

I would like to thank all my supporters , bloggers and everyone who keeps the brand and spirit of BCSA alive, I am so proud of the brand ~ and most importantly touching the lives of others.

Id like to extend a special thanks to Samantha Steele for believing in me and seeing potential and beauty in BCSA when no one else did. I will forever be grateful to you . You are special to me

I wish that with the dawn of 2017, BCSA will be known as a great, fun and interactive platform admired and viewed by all.

Here’s to new beginnings.. new relationships.. fun and reaching for the stars.

From all of us here at BCSA~ we thank you for a great 2016 and looking forward to sharing an amazing 2017 with you.

#SAFF _ Where Business and Fashion Converge : Eastern Cape

We had the amazing opportunity of sitting down with the amazing Nolitha Mqunyana, who is the CEO and founder of SA FASHION FESTIVAL on Friday, 28 Oct 2016. She is a passionate business woman, who is about to make her mark in the fashion industry.

SOUTH AFRICA ,brace yourself- as this is a one of a kind event that will be showcasing sectors in the fashion industry from style, beauty and more. #SAFF will showcase and exhibit designers from the University of Walter Sisulu , in giving anyone a platform to exhibit their craft and business ideas on the day of the event.

Whether you are in the motoring business, a designer, model,artist etc… you are welcome to register on the website and be part of this great event in growing talent and expanding business in the Eastern Cape.

The purpose of the event is to bring upscale and trends from the heart of Johannesburg and infiltrate the Eastern Cape with the BEST of up market trendz. In hope’s of creating economic growth- targeting the universities as the target market, we hope to make our main focus in the youth to make this event more meaningful.

We have hopes to move through the rest of South Africa, after a successful launch in the Eastern Cape. The aim is to allow everyone to celebrate their culture and enjoy in the festivity of the event, and

Our main sponsor for the event is the Department of Arts and culture… who will be assisting them in many areas of the event. Exhibitors are welcome to come and showcase their products at the event, you will have room and the opportunity to grow and expose your business / brand

Blogging for this event is a big deal, in terms of growth and exposure – we also hope to transfer the skill and teach kids in that area about the business.


There’s a long list of business ideas that we willingly admit are hard to pull off without money, connections and clients. PR is one of them so when we got an opportunity to talk with Sasha Robyn who co-founded a PR company before starting BlogChatSA, South Africa’s first exclusive online bloggers show. Sasha’s I-may-be-a-rookie-but-I-can-do-it stance has helped her and we think it can help you too.

Here’s Sasha’s easily replicable winning formula for getting started in PR.

The skills you need

In order to succeed in the PR industry, you need to acquire skills that will help you grow and stay grounded in the nature of the business. These skills are

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Research
  • Writing
  • Creativity

Most important is the last one, creativity and perseverance. While it’s still debatable whether perseverance is a skill or a trait, it’s needed to keep you on track and ensure success.

Then comes the somewhat cliché word for Motherland Moguls; passion. You’ll need a strong drive to put in and offer your best to your client. This will set you aside from any other PR agency.

As for the resources, get a laptop where you can create a clients’ database. This will be a list of people to whom you render services. A laptop will also help  you create the social media strategy you’ll be needing to grow your company.

Setting up a PR agency with no money

Apparently in PR, money is not always needed to get your company off the ground. Sasha advises that an easier way to branch out into PR and make yourself known is to build on relationships and valuable contacts.

Then, create an online presence for yourself and/or your business. Your business will not flourish or draw interest from the broader public if you do not make use of social media platforms. They assist in driving the business and bring clients to you who are in need of the service that you project online.

When you build a website for your agency, make sure you keep it professional and simple.

Getting started on networks

Networks in business are important as they form part of the driving success of the business. In PR, your business thrives off the services that you provide to your clients.

According to Sasha, how and where you connect with people will determine the success and efficiency of your business. Attend events/seminars that would allow you to network with people. Consider engaging in public speaking as this would allow you to brand your company on a word-of-mouth basis. It’ll also make it easy for clients to connect with you and/or your business.

Source for people who have experience and knowledge in PR and can assist you in building your brand. Do your research on companies/people and the media (depending on your interest in the field).

Sasha’s 5-step plan to break into the PR industry

It takes a lot of dedication and determination to make your mark in PR. Whether you want to launch your own agency or find a job with another agency, these steps will help.

  1. Understand the media universe, including social media
  2. Find your niche/product/service
  3. Education/training
  4. Research local PR Agencies: learn their culture, areas of focus and how they functions.
  5. Network, Network, Network

#HeritageDay -Proudly South African

Heritage Day is a South African holiday celebrated on 24 September. On this day, South Africans across the spectrum are encouraged to celebrate their culture and the diversity of their beliefs and traditions, in the wider context of a nation that belongs to all its people.

Here is to celebrating our Heritage. We ought to be proud of who we are as South Africans and the journey that we have paved for our generation.

As the great Nelson Mandela said … ”Our rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build our nation”.

I would like to thank Nombulelo for allowing me to use her beautiful photograph for this post . If you would like to send through any messges / comments , send us an email to

Happy Heritage Day my Fellow South Africans . #ProudlySouthAfrican